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How To Solve Exporting Current Limitation Issue Perfectly On Min Series

How to solve exporting current limitation issue perfectly on Min series

Some clients want to export absolute 0 power to grid. But in real situation, as communication speed limit, it is difficult to do absolute 0 exporting power.

Method 1

This method is for our engineers, they have the authority to set the value on OSS account.

a. Access OSS account–> After sales O&M–> After-sales Inquiry
b. Click “setting’ icon
c. caculate 123 register address value

Formula: 65536-x*10 = -x % ( -x % is our goal)

For example, we want to import 5% power from grid all the time, you can follow the formula: 65536-5*10= -5%, so you can set register address value 65486 on 123 register address

D. set value on 123 register address

Method 2

Access end user account on

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