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how to handle AC V outrange of MAC/MAX (OSS remote setting) – (warning code 300)

Step One : make sure your inverter can link to the cyber , and you know about the OSS plantform, and should know the real reason

the  website is :
enter your shinephone's  account and password is OK
WHY the warning appeared ?   
the essential reason is  because  inverter system  detect the connected grid voltage( L1-L2,  L1-L3, L2-L3)  
************ exceeds **********************************

its internal 9 values : they are item 52,53,    56,57,    60,61,   64,65     and 80.  

in another words, THREE grid voltages  exceeds  NINE  limits

Step Two : measure the realtime voltage of the tapping point (grid connection point) , Six voltage , here is the template (N for Neutral , G for ground ): (the grid with N will supplement when i encounter this grid topology )

Issue : AC V outrage without Neutral 
L1-L2 =388V
L1-L3 =382V
L2-L3 =389V
L1-G =220V
L2-G =225V
L3-G =221V

SO THE MAX voltage  is  about 390V,   THE MIN voltage is about 380V  (voltage L1-L2,  L1-L3, L2-L3 )
        the grid working voltage is about 380V-390V   
We Can imagine the scope of limit  should be about 350V~430V (just for nine limit setting)  
2.2 now we begin to read the limit  item 52,53,    56,57,    60,61,   64,65     and 80.    in the inverter,  and i will tell you why the warning code 300 appears: 
                    item 52-53 a pair  is   ( considering  the 4222/10=422,  4050/10=405,) dont completely include the grid voltage ( 380V-390v)--so 300 appears. 
                    item  55-56 is a pair (287.8V-405V )  , compared to  the grid(380V-390v) , meets the condition.
                    item  59-60  is a pair(215.9V-405V)  ,  compared to the grid(380V-390v)  ,meets.
                    item  63-64 is a pair (387V-405V )   , compared to  the grid(380V-390v)  ,meets.
                    item  80 , we assumes it meets.
*** note:  on the 9 items,  if any item  do not include the grid exceeds ,  there will be warning AC 300,  this is why it  is so often.

Step Three : change the 9 item to make sure it includes the grid voltage range.

3.1  the grid voltage is  about 380V -390V  , We can set the nine item to include the scope ,for example : 350V-430V  , 
         so the item would be  52-53 :   3500-4300
                               56-57 :   3500-4300
                               60-61 :   3500-4300
                               63-64 :   3500-4300

                               item 80:    4250  ,pls see the follows : ↓↓↓
          then it will include  the grid fluctuation (3800-3900)  in . 
3.2 read batch of  52-67   ( password is growatt+date)    -select the [advanced set]   
      you can also read  80-82 in batch       232-234 in batch ( item 232 adapts to your grid has no Neotrul line , you should make it into 1 )    [by the way,  54,55 they are the Frequency limit ] 
3.3  write  one by one ↓↓↓    52,53,    56,57,    60,61,   64,65  and 80. 
3.4  read again  to make sure you really changed the value , here is mine ↓  (similar to item 80 )
 ↑↑↑   after you change the 9 items ,  you will see the inverter will change its state from abmormal/malfunction  into wait , and will normal      the AC V outrange(code 300) disappears .

in a word ,  3 VOLTAGES  adapts  9 items , you can also change the 9 items by shinebus or shinetools(i will intro later)
Summary: (1)  the  3 grid value  should  stay in the  9 items ,  these are the basics ,  there is still some details sorry i cant totally tell  for it is a little dizzling and difficult ...)
         (2)  sometimes  the grid is in fluctuation  , inverter will turn into normal automatically when the  gird voltage  returns the normal level  .   so this is a  proper phenomenon ,just relax , dont be nervous , you can even ignore it.  
         (3) dont adjust the  9 item  value into too high or too low  , or the inverter will **EXPLODE** , just consider the factor 1.1, or 1.2  , for example :  350V *1.2= 420v, then 4200 will be OK for the upper limit.  

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