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How to adapt Phillipines Grid of inverter MAC 25KTL3-X MAC35KTL3-X (Warning Code 300) [onsite]

1 Check the current Grid voltage ,here is the follows :

 L1 - L2 - 222.6V
 L1 - L3 - 215.9V
 L2 - L3 - 227V
 L1 - G - 223.4V
 L2 - G - 0.534V
 L3 - G - 226.3V

you will find the L2-G is very low ,  maybe updated the software to the latest version  effects .
NOTE: it is usually called "Corner Ground Delta Connection " Grid in philippines .

2 Prepare the Serial commissioning tool (software and connection wire ) , and verify the communication .

2.1   ↑↑↑  is the   serial  commissioning software,  Install on you windows PC ;
2.2   prepare the serial wire (inverter  will present the correspond  serial terminal ), but you need buy the USB-serial wire yourself ,like the follow ↓↓↓  (normally the peripheral firmware will be automatically installed on your computer)
2.3   communicate:   ↑↑↑  if there is a lot of data  above  the  red  rectangle area , it means  communicate successfully ,go next .
            if not communicate successfully , you must check the wire ,check the inverter address ,check the terminal and use Google to make sure the communication is successful.

3 Prepare the latest version or special version of inverter program to update

3.1   ↓↓↓ here is the software packet for the  MAC 25KTL3-X  MAC35KTL3-X    (updated on 2023.09.07) : version TKAA1609
there is two software in it ( one is [043.1212219.bin]  ,another one is [043.1223815.hex]
**warning: the software are not universal ,  it is only used for a 2023.09.08 project in philippines with SN BEGGCJ300K­_BEGGCJ3019_BCGKD5D00R  ,  want to know more pls contact snow : [email protected]  or my_phone +8613062787195
3.2 use shinebus software  to update the inverter firmware
  • 3.2.3 Verify if updated successfully

3.3 last step , watch if the inverter turn into normal use thirty minutes to watch

if it work properly , thats OK
IF it work not properly ,,, try other way to solve .

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