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Company Assests Picture Requirement

Company assests picture requirement
1.All assets need to be photographed on both sides (note: forklifts and air conditioners only need to be photographed on one side to reflect the product model). Picture examples are as follows
2.The pictures taken must be clear. If there is an asset code, the asset code must be photographed. For assets without an asset code, the picture taken must reflect the SN number of the product itself.
3. Every photos need to be watermarked with date and time to ensure that the inventory is the latest date
4. Asset naming: For assets with two pictures, front and back, make a folder and name it with the asset number and the name of the user; for assets that only need to take a photo, name it directly on the picture with the asset number and the name of the user.
5. When the team provides asset pictures to Wu Yating, they name them after the team area and provide them in a package.

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