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APX HV Battery Introduction

APX HV Battery Introduction
1. Data sheet

MAX 6 pcs / group, MAX 2 groups, each group has HV box.

2. User manual
System Overview

Battery Module contain DC-DC circuit, and can boost voltage into 330-450V

High voltage Box integrated DC-DC circuit (Buck-Boost Circuit) and boost battery voltage into 600-980V

3.Battery Module Board Introduction

DC-DC Circuit , 功率转换板

Communication Board

SPS Board

4.Battery Module Board Function Introduction

DC-DC Circuit , 功率转换板

Fuse is next to LC filtering circuit, 70A.

Charging and Discharging current limit is 0.5C, it is limited by DC-DC Circuit.

Com Board

SPS Board

5. High Voltage Box


Front Side

Back Side

INV: the communication between Min-XH, MID-XH, MOD-XH

BMU: to Battery communication

Internal Boards Overview

Buck-BOOST Board

Buck-BOOST Board

Control board

BUS Capacitor Board

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