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African Staffs Reimbursement Requirement

African staffs reimbursement requirement

1. Transportation expense must be reasonable. We should save the cost for our company because of current world economy crisis.

2 For long business trip, daily transportation expense should be reasonable, you can try to request help from clients and take you to the assigned sites or locations. If not, before you take taxi to arrive at far place and may incur high expense, you should report to your manager.

3. for short business trip like several hundred kilometers far away from your place, you should choose public transportation as top priority instead of taking the taxi. What if it is really urgent , and you can report to manager firstly and wait for the approval. If you take the action privately , you should bear the cost.

4. You should use Uber or Bolt as top priority for taxi platform, if not, you should report to your manager and wait for the approval.

5. All invoices can’t be handwriting, or it can’t be reimbursed.

6. Before you have the business trip, you must submit the business trip application on OA system, or reimbursement can’t be handled.

7. During the business trip , if you are sick and go to hospital, please report to your manager in first time, keep all proof and submit them to your manager in time. After the confirmation, reimbursement can be handled.

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