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African Employees Goals Challenge Card

African Employees Goals Challenge Card
Period of time: 2023.11.16-2024.5.16African Team
Goal Subject( What )Completed Standard( How many, What percentage )Completed Procedure and Method( How )Time FrameEvaluation CriterionEvaluation By Yourself (S, A, B, C, D)Evaluation By Supervisor (S, A, B, C, D)Final Evaluation
Challenge Goal 1The goal that promote local team technical skill, most of issues can be solved in 3 days.
Challenge Goal 2Promote Clients’ Satisfaction Rate until 100%, shorten response time, important clients should respond in 5 minutes. and assis sales dep. to achieve 2-3 times sales revenue
Challenge Goal 3Promote local team working effiency, 8-10 issues should be solved daily
Challenge Goal 4Product Improvement, 2-3 cases you should report weekly
Learning SubjectLearning GoalLearning MethodTime Arrangement
Capability Development Aim 1
Capability Development Aim 2
Capability Development Aim 3
Capability Development Aim 4

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