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    Hi Amos,

    I know at least there are three different hardware version of the SPF 5000 ES out there.

    There is one indicator by the firmware so there are 04X, 06X and the newest 11X firmware versions which point out the hardware of the device. Is there any other indicator on the type label which is positionend on the right side of the device to check which hardware revision it is?

    Issue stating: I recently looked for second hand devices of the 06X hardware version and it was a total mess to explain to sellers to check for the firmware version. You have to power up the device first to see what kind of version it is. Maybe you have a list with the serial numbers you can share where people can find out what hardware version it is and what kind of firmware is suitable. My proposal: Add a version number to the label where people can easily check for the right firmware and which hardware version…

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