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Hi Amos,

let me explain my idea about your firmwares:

with a little bit reverse thinking I checked the firmware file names for example of the F2809 chip:


So there are some indicators for the timeline. first the Version numbering F or E. As you stated it is high likely the next one has a G in it. But more specific is the date format in the file name;
For the F version it is 2022-10-27, for the E version it seems to be 2022-11-05. So E is a newer version than F. I would like to know if there is a bug solved in an older firmware why it is not also fixed in the newer version?

I would expect if I use the latest firmware (for example for the 06X versions) this is E2. What I´m not understanding is, the fan issue was solved already end of october in an older firmware but in newer ones (E2) the known fan bug is back again. Maybe I misinterpreting the version letters and the dates so I would be happy if you can clarify how the naming of the firmwares really needs to be understood.

Thanks for this website and all the information you are sharing. I have to point out that the customer service at least in my country for Growatt inverters and batteries is really bad so your blog helps us customers much more, at least if people have at least a little bit understanding of the devices…

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